When Scuba Diving become an Obsession

I ‘m Daemon and Scuba Diving instructor, Traveling the world in the quest of the seeing the all the marine life and dive sites the world have to offer.

A passion for Scuba Diving

Hello there, I am Daemon, and my love for the sea goes back as far as I can remember. As a child, I got fascinated with the ocean just by spending countless hours at the beach near our home. The sea had been a playground, an extensive world of mysteriousness going on and on forever. And I collected shells and crabs scurried over sand while gazing at seaweed that moved gently in tide pools.

I became more intrigued about the underwater world as I grew older. The first time I put on a mask and snorkel is still etched in my mind; it felt as if I had entered another universe. It was full of colors; marine life was also there, but most importantly being light helped me float in water-a magic moment! From that point on, doing everything possible to know more about this world was very crucial.

Diving opened up even more possibilities. Every dive represents an adventure where one gets to see something new and awe-inspiring. Be it swimming with majestic manta rays or exploring colorful coral reefs or discovering hidden shipwrecks no wonder then that the ocean continues to astound me always. It’s such a calm place; no doubt; however, full of life and energy too much!

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Scuba Diving is My Passion

Country I already dove:

Australia, Japan, Thailand (Similan Islands Liveaboard) , Indonesia

Futur diving trip planned:

Komodo, Bali, Vietnam

Goal: To dive them all

Language spoken:

English, French, Japonese

“Underwater life is just better”


Obsessed Diver

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